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Largest Clinical Trial for Cancer Sufferers being attempted by concerned citizens
21 January, 2009, 18: 55
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Hello there,

Since you are reading this, I can be sure of one thing – You are looking for a solution to a cancer problem for either yourself or a loved one.

No doubt you have been along to the doctor who has given you the good news about needing chemotherapy, surgery or even amputation. Even after all that suffering that you will endure they can make no guarantees that you will survive their “cure”.

Makes you wonder what you need to do to get your health back and live the rest of your life with dignity and purpose – as well as saving yourself lots of money.

Over the years a large number of scientists (not doctors) have found a number of natural substances that are very effective at killing cancer cells of different types. Most of these natural substances are to be found in the food we eat, and can be extracted and concentrated.

So why aren’t these concentrated natural substances being prescribed to you by your doctor. Because the doctors don’t know about them and/or the establishments that trains and regulates doctoring don’t make as much money as when they prescribe man-made drugs.

We have now come to the point – “Follow the money!”

Natural substances that have been extracted and concentrated cannot be patented – the extraction and concentration methods can be, but the actual natural substances can’t be. Therefore, there is no incentive for the Pharmaceutical companies or any regulatory authority (i.e. the FDA) to promote any natural substance that kills cancer cells. In fact, it is in their benefit to stop people knowing anything about the natural substance as their sole interest is improving their own bottom line by taking money from your wallet.

Since 1971 trillions of your dollars have been spent on trying to find a “silver bullet’ that will destroy cancer cells without affecting the other normal cells around it. The reason why a “silver bullet” is required is so that it can be patented – and enormous amounts of money can be taken from your wallet to benefit the fat cats and their shareholders.

Now, we have a moral economic dilemma – on one hand we have natural substances that have been shown to kill cancer cells, and on the other hand no way to fleece the public. So instead of informing the public and the cancer sufferer about the useful natural substances, the FDA, FTC and the medical and pharmaceutical establishments make sure that all useful natural substances are discredited and in some cases banned from sale. Why is this the case? Once again it comes down to money and greed!

This concerned citizen, and others like me have decided that we need to question the moral integrity of the so-called Democratic system we live under to control our life and death. I believe that we all have the right to know the truth and make our own decisions concerning our own body and health.

For this reason, we have decided to make available at a minimal cost one of these natural substances that has been shown to kill cancer cells to you and your loved ones for as long as you want it.

We purchase this natural substance from the world’s largest supplier who tests every batch to ensure the highest quality and level of active ingredients are made available to you as the end user.

We then encapsulate it in small capsules that make it easy for you to swallow with a glass of water in the morning with your breakfast. This is what we term a preventative dose to reduce the risk of cancer cells developing. If you are unfortunate enough to have diagnosed cancer then take as many as you feel you need. Being a natural substance in its own plant form, it is essentially a food, and has no known side effects – except for a bloated feeling if you take a whole bottle at once. J

All the literature that I have read tells me that everybody has cancer cells in their body, and normally they die off by themselves if the bodies’ immune system is working properly. The problem is that no one appears too sure as to why these dormant cancer cells decide to go wild. The general consensus is that our environment and what we eat is the cause. Since changing the environment we live in is likely to be difficult on a one by one basis, we can at least change what we eat or at the very least include something in our diet that helps us.

It is for this reason that I have agreed to become the face of this campaign to help you and your loved ones live with this scourge of modern society. I am a mother with 4 boys and have been taking this product for 5 years. In that time I have not had a cold or flu and haven’t needed to go the doctor for any reason except for the usual mammograms and cervical smear tests. My father has had bladder and skin cancer. He has dealt with both by a mixture of conventional medicine with these natural substance capsules.

The natural substance we are talking about is Wasabia japonica, which is the most difficult herb to grow in the world. It has been known since 1994 that the active ingredients in this plant kill all sorts of cancer cells. Since then it has been shown by a number of experimental scientists that the unique natural substances in this plant is some 400 times more effective at killing cancer cells than similar plant substances.

There is only one company who has developed a growing and processing system for ensuring that their final product contains the maximum amount of active ingredients in it that kills cancer cells. It is from this company that we purchase the natural substance that we are offering you at minimal cost.

Before we can get the nod from the various health watchdogs that appear determined to dictate how we live and die in order to get this natural substance used in the hospitals of the world we need to have a large carefully organised clinical trial. This is where you and I can have a win-win situation. You help us and we help you.

I want to give you and your loved ones 3 months supply of this natural substance in a capsule at a time for the rest of your life. In return we want you to enrol in the first virtual clinical study in the world. Our aim is to get a minimum of 100,000 people taking part in this study. If we got a million people involved we would be ecstatic!

Let me explain how this works.

Ø You enrol in the clinical study and allow us to use the information you give us for analysis. All personal identifying information will be removed for statistical purposes.

Ø We send you your first 3 months supply of Wasabia japonica capsules.

Ø Every month you log into the website and complete the short questionnaire.

Ø After completing 3 monthly questionnaires we send another 3 months supply of the capsules.

Ø This continues until you decide to stop or for the rest of your life – whichever comes first.

Ø You can end your involvement in the trial at any time, by not completing the monthly questionnaires or by informing us you want to stop.

In order to make this affordable and available to the widest range of people we have decided to make this a non-profit business. You will only be charged every 3 months for the cost of production, handling and postage.

What does that mean in financial terms?

It means that instead of paying $120 + for 3 months supply of this cancer cell killer, you will be charged only $28.97 for 3 months supply delivered to your door. This is a saving of nearly $400 per year, and you are improving your health and those who you love.

What does this mean in health terms?

It means that you are taking into your body a natural cancer cell killer that will search for and destroy cancer cells throughout your body. Once it does this then it also helps the body get rid of the dead cells by stimulating the liver. This improves the immune system and the bodies own cancer killer system gets a boost. Less cancer cells in the body means better health and hopefully a longer, more productive life to spend with your loved ones.

To get your ongoing 3 months supply of these Cancer Cell Killer Capsules and enrol in this Virtual Clinical Study ™ then please go to www.fresabi.com to sign up.

Thanks for your time in reading this lengthy statement.

Best wishes for your healthy future.

Jenny Dickie

p.s. The Cancer Cell Killer capsules are not known to interfere with any medication or treatment you may already be taking.

p.p.s. Please feel free to pass this information onto all your relatives and friends to take advantage of this offer.

This offer and trial has now ended. If you still want the benefits then go to https://wasabi.org/products/sawa-100-wasabia-japonica-capsules/ where you can purchase the capsules.

There is also a lot of medical and health information to be found on the https://wasabi.org website.


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nice post

Comment by frizia roger

Sounds good to me. Good luck to you.

I’d be interested in taking part (I have terminal bladder cancer), but live in the UK. Would it be available here too? If so, what would be the cost please?

Comment by Ian Clements

Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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Comment by Destinee

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