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How to find Real Cures for your health problems.
7 May, 2008, 22: 43
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In this day and age we expect to be able to go to the Doctor’s and get a cure of some sort for what may ail us.

The reality is that this isn’t the case. Sometimes, we might get lucky and get over whatever we went to the Doctors with, but was that due to our own immune system or the Doctors intervention?

When you look at the science behind these so called wonder drugs that the Doctors prescribe for everything from acne to cancer, most so called drugs are merely synthetic copies of what Nature already provides. There are a number of distinct differences though – the synthetic drug does not contain any of the buffering agents that Nature provides in the plants containing the active ingredients.

Science would have you believe that these buffering agents are not necessary, and yet with the synthetic versions of the “same” active ingredients there are always a number of side effects that range from inconvenient to life threatening. When you realise that more people in the USA are killed by prescription drugs and/or hospitalisation than those killed on the road, it brings some idea of the size of this ignored problem.

Returning to the buffering agents that Nature thoughtfully supplies when it provides these natural drugs, it surprises me that there has been little or no scientific investigation of the interactions between the various natural chemicals to be found in plants.

Why is this you may ask? Well, I suppose the easy answer is that there is no money in it – but that could be regarded as being decidedly cynical. When you talk to scientists about this, the answer paraded out is that it is exceedingly difficult to determine how to check these interactions and what they do. Also another comment made is that no one wants to provide funding for such investigations. After all the funders would not be able to obtain a patent and thereby gouge the people who need the cure. Mind you there are companies who are trying to patent the worlds food supply by claiming that they invented natural foods. Some of these patents have already been obtained from the US patents office. Makes you wonder about the mentality of both the companies making the application and the patent examiners who approve them – but that is another story.

So why have I mentioned this – well it is because we should be looking for Real Cures from Nature instead of looking for it from a test tube. A lot of things that our Gran told us, “eat your greens”, “have an apple”, “don’t gulp your food”, etc., etc., are now being found to have benefits to our health.

Now though the old knowledge from our elders has or is being lost, mainly because the family is being broken up with the help of the State and now it is accepted practice to send our elders off to die in an impersonal retirement home or hospice far from their family. Where this has not happened – the Asian countries in particular, the family ties are still strong, the elders still live with their family and the old knowledge is passed on from generation to generation.

The Western societies have dropped the ball – they have become dedicated followers of science – to the extent that if people in white coats can’t agree on something, then it doesn’t exist even if you can see, feel and taste it. When that happens then the Western Governments produce a law or rule or regulation that limits the use or investigation of that old knowledge. In the 1930’s a massive amount of knowledge about the human condition was unceremoniously discarded as unproven and dangerous, even though this knowledge had been available to people for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. It is interesting now to find that some of this previous common knowledge is being resurrected as new knowledge. I think this is happening because the scientists and the companies they work for are trying to obtain patents for this old knowledge. As with the worlds food supply, the world’s common knowledge on health is being systematically looted by the western world.

To be continued


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