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Schools become brain washing centres in NZ
3 May, 2008, 8: 45
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A number of years ago I moved from the UK, where bureaucracy had gone mad, to NZ where we were 25 – 40 years behind in the control of the masses. Sorry to say NZ has now caught up and in some respects have outstripped Europe in its draconian socialisation of the country. I am only pleased that my children have grown up and are now able to make their own minds up about things. Today, I see the schools acting as brain washing centres for the Government.

The teaching system has been systematically destroyed by bureaucracy, and now teachers spend most of their time filling out forms, making assessments and generally acting as child minders instead of teaching the kids anything useful about the real world. According to the Government no child will fail to receive a good education and a certificate when they leave school. The problem arises when they get into the real wide world and find that those bits of paper and the “knowledge” they gained at school isn’t worth a bent razoo. Universities now require candidates take an entry exam, employers require an abilty exam before taking on school leavers. We have raised a generation (or two) of people whose qualifications are not recognised on the world stage and the Government wonders why people are leaving NZ in droves.

This year is election year, and already the promise of a tax cut has been made. At the last election the same thing happened and then when they won the proposed tax cut was rescinded. I don’t think people will be taken in this time – although I can’t be sure as the brainwashing on the 18 year olds may have stuck.


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