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Bladder Cancer is Preventable
2 May, 2008, 17: 22
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In the last few months there has been a flurry of scientific papers published that regurgitates findings first published in 1994.

The initial findings in 1994 stated that Wasabia japonica killed Bladder Cancer cells. Now the latest papers say that Cruciferous vegetables, and in particular Broccoli does the same thing. This isn’t really surprising since they are all from the same family of plants.

One of the things that isn’t mentioned is that Wasabia japonica contains more than 40 times the amount of the active ingredient (isothiocyanates) than Broccoli and is therefore more of a candidate for dealing with Bladder Cancer than anything else. I suppose the problem arises from the fact that Broccoli can be grown very easily, whereas Wasabia japonica is somewhat more difficult to grow.

Also one part of the latest study indicated that feeding the rats (who were the subject of the experiment) a freeze-dried broccoli instead of raw broccoli was even more effective in dealing with the Bladder Cancer.

Now, putting the above information together, it would appear that using freeze dried Wasabia japonica powder as a preventative measure will benefit (i) those suffering from Bladder Cancer, (ii) those recently diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, and (iii) those who want to reduce the risk of getting Bladder Cancer.

This also agrees with other studies that show the consumption of Wasabia japonica increases the amount of isothiocyanates (ITC’s) excreted through the urine in humans.The latest studies are making the assumption that the presence of ITC in the urine indicates that there are also ITC’s in the bladder where it is retained for some time. It is this exposure of Bladder Cancer cells to these ITC’s that destroy them. It isn’t really an unreasonable assumption as the incidence of Bladder Cancer in Asian countries, where they consume a large amount of raw Cruciferous vegetables, is low compared to Western societies.

So since we as a society do not enjoy the taste of raw cabbages, or come to that matter, even the taste of cooked cabbages, how do the Western societies reduce the incidence of Bladder Cancer amongst its citizens?

The simple answer is to take the freeze-dried powder as a dietary supplement. The easiest way of doing this is in the form of capsules. By this method it is possible to consume an equivalent serving of 150gm of raw Cruciferous vegetable, by taking three 250mg capsules per day. Therefore, it is possible to get the benefits without needing to put up with the taste.

Capsules are available which contain the even more potent Wasabia japonica powder from http://www.bladdercancerfighter.com

Does your doctor tell you about this, or even know about it? Probably not. Most times, doctors are so overwhelmed with patients they don’t have time to keep up with the latest studies or findings.

If you suffer from Bladder Cancer or knows someone who does then let them know about these findings. Sooner or later some Big Pharma will synthesise the active ingredients and call it some fancy name so that they can charge the Bladder Cancer sufferer through the nose for a naturally occurring Cancer killer.

You don’t need to wait for the FDA to spend a decade to determine whether or not you can take this natural food as a drug. You can get it now from http://www.bladdercancerfighter.com and make sure that you or your loved one is able to survive the next decade at least.

Buy it now before the FDA and all its associated cronies decide for you that this food is dangerous to your health. Yeah right!


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