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Not all Wasabi is Wasabi
13 April, 2008, 9: 06
Filed under: health, Wholefood diet

Most of the Wasabi powder you buy in the shops and over the
Internet is no more than European horseradish with food colouring

So what, I hear you ask. Well – most of the FDA approved food
colours are now being regarded as carcinogens, and a number of food
manufacturers are now phasing them out of their product lines.

Enjoying sushi and raw fish is all about freshness and only putting
into your body what is good for it. This is why you need to ensure
that your wasabi states on the packaging “100% Pure Wasabia
japonica”. You can rest assured that if this isn’t stated then it
isn’t the real stuff.

The New Zealand Wasabi product is 100% Pure Wasabia japonica – they guarantee it.

They do not use any fillers or colouring with their Namida® 100% Pure
Wasabia japonica. Their Wasabia japonica plants are grown in running
water, freeze dried and stored carefully to ensure that you get the

For our blog readers NZW are offering a special of 3 x
50gms pottles of Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder for the
price of US$29.95 including freight.

This special offer will not be available for long, so go now and buy!

Go to http://www.wasabi.co.nz/order-powder.htm for this limited
exclusive offer.

Feel free to forward this offer to your friends who you think might
be interested in getting the best wasabi powder.

I don’t use anything else.


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