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The Old Knowledge becomes the “New Science”
31 March, 2008, 15: 31
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Since the 1930’s when the FDA and AMA took control of the Public Health system and threw out all the accumulated knowledge of the previous millennia as nonsense, there has been a growing backlash against the doctors and the establishment.

The growth in the last ten years or so in the Natural Medicines movement is the manifestation of that discord with the “doctor is always right” syndrome. Now, more people are killed by doctors prescribing an inappropriate drug or hospitalising people, than are killed in car crashes. That frightening statistic is not a cause for the Government of the day to take any concrete action to stop this small section of society (the doctors) killing so many trusting and unwary members of the population. There are even serial murderers who have medical degrees and were (are) practicing doctors who appointed themselves executioners of those they determined have outlived their usefulness.

Here we are, four generations on from the days when “Gran knew what ailed us” and gave us treatment that was passed on from one generation to another as herbal or medical folklore. A lot of that knowledge has been systematically removed from the inherent knowledge base of families. Now most families are forced to rely on others to give them the medical attention they need. What is even more surprising (or should that read “shocking”) is that the “old” knowledge is now being resurrected as “new science” with the associated extra costs and sabre rattling that occurs as patents are taken out to protect this “new science”. The knowledge is all there in old books that have been relegated to the storeroom or sent to the tip because they were out of date (according to the medical establishment).

The time is right for that backlash to become a “Perfect Storm” for the medical community and their associated bureaucrats and for the population to take back what is rightfully theirs – Their Health!



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Great article and so very true. I no longer trust the medical profession, and as far as I’m concerned “public health” is just a propaganda machine pushing a personal agenda. That agenda is control and weeding out the weak and ill IS the goal. Contrary to what they claim. I’ll be linking to your blog on my blog now. Keep up the good work! And thanks for your comment on my blog.

Comment by swfreedomlover

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