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Is the immune system truly the solution to our illnesses?
11 June, 2006, 16: 47
Filed under: food, Immune System

There is a large and growing group of people, scientists, doctors and lay-people who are now convinced that most of the modern ills are self inflicted. What do I mean by this? I mean that in the last 100 years or so industry has been poisoning the environment that we all live in. This coupled with the fact that the goodness that used to be in the soil has now vanished, does support this hypothesis.

The use of artificial fertilisers to grow food stuffs ensures that the goodness and nutrients we used to get from our foods is no longer the case. There is now sufficient evidence to indicate that all foods, whether fresh or processed, can now be classed as junk food. We now need nutrient and vitamin supplements to try and maintain the bodies functions on a continuous basis.

What can we do about this? For a start we can start using less chemicals in terms of fertiliser's, food uses, and personal hygiene products. We also need to start building up the organic content (humus) and natural products in the soils where we grow our foods. Can this be done? Of course it can, but it is unlikely to happen because big business (the ones who make the artifical fertilisers) now own the farms where there were once families.

We could reduce the amount of processing of our food. Is that likely to happen? Most probably not as we no longer have local farmers to buy our food from. Most foods are now transported 10's of thousands of miles as a matter of course. This requires that preservatives are added to the processed foods in order for it to make the trip. These preservatives keep the food looking good, but destroys the benefits that should be in the food.

I expect that the ultimate result of this control of the food chain will be mass extinctions of parts of the human race. If not by war, then by stealth!

The immune system of the human body can be likened to the soldiers in the front line of a war. They can and will fight, but they must have the support of those behind the front line. In our fight for survival, our immune systems are being overwhelmed because we do not have the support of our food stuffs. In a real war, the people causing this lack of support would be shot as traitors. At this present time they are being applauded as astute business people who are making profits for their shareholders, instead of being treated as war criminals.

We need to grow our own food in our back yards. Don't use artifical fertilisers – use farmyard muck and compost. It is hard work, and there are many who are scared of those words – but it might make you enjoy life and live longer. Support the immune system properly.


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