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Groundswell against laboratory drugs
4 June, 2006, 16: 38
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I was in the USA for a 3 day meeting this week and I noticed a distinct groundswell against the pharmaceutical companies and laboratory drugs.

On the TV the drugs adverts continue as usual. About every 2nd advert is for a drug. New or old – it doesn't seem to matter. Just get it out there and brainwash the public. Obviously, the idea is to get the public to tell the doctor what they want to be medicated with without allowing the doctor to determine the benefits for the patient first. After all the USA is the place where if the doctor does not do what you want then you sue them. Also the FDA and AMA can also pull the license of the doctor even if they do do what the patient wants, but it isn't what the FDA and AMA want. The doctors (I was going to say – poor doctors, but that would have been a misnomer) are in a lose-lose situation. It is no wonder that malpractice premiums are in excess of US$100,000 per annum and rising. Even if a doctor wants to leave the profession they have to maintain that insurance in place for the next two years, even if they are not seeing patients at all.

Being a doctor or any kind of health professional these days is certainly a high risk business, with both the entry and exit costs being exhorbitant. Makes you wonder why our young people want to get into it. Obviously the advertising and hype surrounding it drowns out the realities. Perhaps that is why there have been no significant improvements in health care for the last century. There have been plenty of technological improvements, but basic care remains the same. Give drugs, use surgery, send home, disregard side effects caused by drugs.

It is no wonder that the groundswell to natural products is growing.


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