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Japanese food enters mainstream
20 March, 2006, 23: 45
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Japanese food has now entered the mainstream. The use of healthy foods together with the increasing demand for authentic flavours has seen the demand for real Wasabia japonica increase. It is in this growing market that the Namida(r) 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder is now becoming recognised as the world leader. See http://www.wasabi.co.nz/recipes.html for more recipes using Namida(r) products. Because Namida(r) is grown in water using only certified organic inputs, we are able to ensure that the end product that you use is the purest you can get. Unlike competitors, there are no additives or preservatives of any kind added to the Namida(r) range of products. This is whole food goodness that contains all the minerals, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and antifungal elements that nature intended you to eat. It is recognised that although the Japanese are heavy smokers, they have a low incident rate of cancer compared to the Western world. This has been put down to diet. A major part of that diet is Wasabi. It is eaten at least once a day either in the house or as a snack. Now it has been shown that Wasabia japonica contains 3 unique compounds, not found in other foods that are at least 40 times more powerful than other plant compounds at assisting the liver in protecting the human body. To this end an extract which assists the liver in protecting the body has been obtained from Namida(r) Wasabia japonica, and is now being sold under the Sawa(R) brand in the US and Europe as a Liver Detox. Both of these products can be obtained from http://www.wasabi.co.nz/order.html. Unique compounds within Sawa(R) Wasabia japonica induce Phase I and Phase II detoxification systems in the liver. These compounds have been found to be 40 times more effective than other similar compounds. Toxins acted upon by these systems are converted to more water-soluble forms, which the body eliminates through urine and stool. A healthy liver is important to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Wasabia japonica also exhibits antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities. Coupled with a healthy liver you have the best means of enabling the natural defences of the body to combat the toxins and other stresses imposed by today’s lifestyle. Now that we have the scientific support for the benefits of using Wasabia japonica in combating a number of human problems, we will be releasing a number of different Sawa(R) Nutritional products in the near future.


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