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Most authentic Japanese foods no longer authentic
19 March, 2006, 8: 26
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The demand for authentic ethnic food continues to increase. This is especially true of Japanese products. However, most “authentic” Japanese foods are no longer authentic, but has been “Westernised”. By this I mean that the production methods and ingredients are no longer natural, but tend to rely on chemical laboratories and industrialised food production methods.

Most wasabi powder, for example, is made from European horseradish, mustard powder, chilli (sometimes), food colouring, together with a host of fillers and additives to make it look and taste similar to the natural product. We are proud to offer Namida®100% Pure Wasabi™ Powder that is exactly what it says – 100% Pure – nothing added.

Following on from this philosophy we are proud to release two new products – these are our Namida® Real Wasabi™ pastes. These are supplied in either a hot or mild version. The hot version is made with all Wasabia japonica rhizomes, and the mild uses some of the other parts of the plant to cool down the rhizome.

The hot paste is really hot, and is for the person who really enjoys the sinus jolt, and the pooling of tears in the eyes afterwards. Our market research in the US has labelled this hot paste “The WOW paste™”. This makes other wasabi pastes pale into insignificance.

The mild version is designed for those who like the flavour of True Wasabi™ without the mind-wrenching jolt of the hot wasabi.

As a reader of this blog we are offering you a special opportunity to try these new Real Wasabi™ pastes and our other products at a special price.

This offer can be found at http://www.wasabi.co.nz/order2.html.


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