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Goverment dept. determines apples no good for you.
12 March, 2006, 9: 15
Filed under: food

Bureaucracy gone mad. A goverment dept – the Australian and New Zealand Food Safety Authority (ANZFSA) has determined that apples are bad for you as they contain too much sugar. In a discussion paper they suggest that apple consumption by children will need to be regulated in order to save their teeth. The ANZFSA has been set up to ensure that all products in the Food chain are suitable for consumption. This will be determined by a committee and will be written into a white list. Foods on the white list can be sold or given away, and for food not on the list it will be illegal to sell or give away.

This is another method of reducing our natural products to those controlled by large corporations and drive the small speciality grower out of business. Also it will ensure that production methods are "standardised" and foods are processed to the same degree of indigestable junk.

Is it no wonder that the worlds' health is deteriorating so fast, when bureacrats find ways of ensuring that natural foods will no longer be available in the decades to come. This is the thin edge of the wedge!!


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