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Largest Clinical Trial for Cancer Sufferers being attempted by concerned citizens
21 January, 2009, 18: 55
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Hello there,

Since you are reading this, I can be sure of one thing – You are looking for a solution to a cancer problem for either yourself or a loved one.

No doubt you have been along to the doctor who has given you the good news about needing chemotherapy, surgery or even amputation. Even after all that suffering that you will endure they can make no guarantees that you will survive their “cure”.

Makes you wonder what you need to do to get your health back and live the rest of your life with dignity and purpose – as well as saving yourself lots of money.

Over the years a large number of scientists (not doctors) have found a number of natural substances that are very effective at killing cancer cells of different types. Most of these natural substances are to be found in the food we eat, and can be extracted and concentrated.

So why aren’t these concentrated natural substances being prescribed to you by your doctor. Because the doctors don’t know about them and/or the establishments that trains and regulates doctoring don’t make as much money as when they prescribe man-made drugs.

We have now come to the point – “Follow the money!”

Natural substances that have been extracted and concentrated cannot be patented – the extraction and concentration methods can be, but the actual natural substances can’t be. Therefore, there is no incentive for the Pharmaceutical companies or any regulatory authority (i.e. the FDA) to promote any natural substance that kills cancer cells. In fact, it is in their benefit to stop people knowing anything about the natural substance as their sole interest is improving their own bottom line by taking money from your wallet.

Since 1971 trillions of your dollars have been spent on trying to find a “silver bullet’ that will destroy cancer cells without affecting the other normal cells around it. The reason why a “silver bullet” is required is so that it can be patented – and enormous amounts of money can be taken from your wallet to benefit the fat cats and their shareholders.

Now, we have a moral economic dilemma – on one hand we have natural substances that have been shown to kill cancer cells, and on the other hand no way to fleece the public. So instead of informing the public and the cancer sufferer about the useful natural substances, the FDA, FTC and the medical and pharmaceutical establishments make sure that all useful natural substances are discredited and in some cases banned from sale. Why is this the case? Once again it comes down to money and greed!

This concerned citizen, and others like me have decided that we need to question the moral integrity of the so-called Democratic system we live under to control our life and death. I believe that we all have the right to know the truth and make our own decisions concerning our own body and health.

For this reason, we have decided to make available at a minimal cost one of these natural substances that has been shown to kill cancer cells to you and your loved ones for as long as you want it.

We purchase this natural substance from the world’s largest supplier who tests every batch to ensure the highest quality and level of active ingredients are made available to you as the end user.

We then encapsulate it in small capsules that make it easy for you to swallow with a glass of water in the morning with your breakfast. This is what we term a preventative dose to reduce the risk of cancer cells developing. If you are unfortunate enough to have diagnosed cancer then take as many as you feel you need. Being a natural substance in its own plant form, it is essentially a food, and has no known side effects – except for a bloated feeling if you take a whole bottle at once. J

All the literature that I have read tells me that everybody has cancer cells in their body, and normally they die off by themselves if the bodies’ immune system is working properly. The problem is that no one appears too sure as to why these dormant cancer cells decide to go wild. The general consensus is that our environment and what we eat is the cause. Since changing the environment we live in is likely to be difficult on a one by one basis, we can at least change what we eat or at the very least include something in our diet that helps us.

It is for this reason that I have agreed to become the face of this campaign to help you and your loved ones live with this scourge of modern society. I am a mother with 4 boys and have been taking this product for 5 years. In that time I have not had a cold or flu and haven’t needed to go the doctor for any reason except for the usual mammograms and cervical smear tests. My father has had bladder and skin cancer. He has dealt with both by a mixture of conventional medicine with these natural substance capsules.

The natural substance we are talking about is Wasabia japonica, which is the most difficult herb to grow in the world. It has been known since 1994 that the active ingredients in this plant kill all sorts of cancer cells. Since then it has been shown by a number of experimental scientists that the unique natural substances in this plant is some 400 times more effective at killing cancer cells than similar plant substances.

There is only one company who has developed a growing and processing system for ensuring that their final product contains the maximum amount of active ingredients in it that kills cancer cells. It is from this company that we purchase the natural substance that we are offering you at minimal cost.

Before we can get the nod from the various health watchdogs that appear determined to dictate how we live and die in order to get this natural substance used in the hospitals of the world we need to have a large carefully organised clinical trial. This is where you and I can have a win-win situation. You help us and we help you.

I want to give you and your loved ones 3 months supply of this natural substance in a capsule at a time for the rest of your life. In return we want you to enrol in the first virtual clinical study in the world. Our aim is to get a minimum of 100,000 people taking part in this study. If we got a million people involved we would be ecstatic!

Let me explain how this works.

Ø You enrol in the clinical study and allow us to use the information you give us for analysis. All personal identifying information will be removed for statistical purposes.

Ø We send you your first 3 months supply of Wasabia japonica capsules.

Ø Every month you log into the website and complete the short questionnaire.

Ø After completing 3 monthly questionnaires we send another 3 months supply of the capsules.

Ø This continues until you decide to stop or for the rest of your life – whichever comes first.

Ø You can end your involvement in the trial at any time, by not completing the monthly questionnaires or by informing us you want to stop.

In order to make this affordable and available to the widest range of people we have decided to make this a non-profit business. You will only be charged every 3 months for the cost of production, handling and postage.

What does that mean in financial terms?

It means that instead of paying $120 + for 3 months supply of this cancer cell killer, you will be charged only $28.97 for 3 months supply delivered to your door. This is a saving of nearly $400 per year, and you are improving your health and those who you love.

What does this mean in health terms?

It means that you are taking into your body a natural cancer cell killer that will search for and destroy cancer cells throughout your body. Once it does this then it also helps the body get rid of the dead cells by stimulating the liver. This improves the immune system and the bodies own cancer killer system gets a boost. Less cancer cells in the body means better health and hopefully a longer, more productive life to spend with your loved ones.

To get your ongoing 3 months supply of these Cancer Cell Killer Capsules and enrol in this Virtual Clinical Study ™ then please go to www.fresabi.com to sign up.

Thanks for your time in reading this lengthy statement.

Best wishes for your healthy future.

Jenny Dickie

p.s. The Cancer Cell Killer capsules are not known to interfere with any medication or treatment you may already be taking.

p.p.s. Please feel free to pass this information onto all your relatives and friends to take advantage of this offer.

This offer and trial has now ended. If you still want the benefits then go to https://wasabi.org/products/sawa-100-wasabia-japonica-capsules/ where you can purchase the capsules.

There is also a lot of medical and health information to be found on the https://wasabi.org website.


How to find Real Cures for your health problems.
7 May, 2008, 22: 43
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In this day and age we expect to be able to go to the Doctor’s and get a cure of some sort for what may ail us.

The reality is that this isn’t the case. Sometimes, we might get lucky and get over whatever we went to the Doctors with, but was that due to our own immune system or the Doctors intervention?

When you look at the science behind these so called wonder drugs that the Doctors prescribe for everything from acne to cancer, most so called drugs are merely synthetic copies of what Nature already provides. There are a number of distinct differences though – the synthetic drug does not contain any of the buffering agents that Nature provides in the plants containing the active ingredients.

Science would have you believe that these buffering agents are not necessary, and yet with the synthetic versions of the “same” active ingredients there are always a number of side effects that range from inconvenient to life threatening. When you realise that more people in the USA are killed by prescription drugs and/or hospitalisation than those killed on the road, it brings some idea of the size of this ignored problem.

Returning to the buffering agents that Nature thoughtfully supplies when it provides these natural drugs, it surprises me that there has been little or no scientific investigation of the interactions between the various natural chemicals to be found in plants.

Why is this you may ask? Well, I suppose the easy answer is that there is no money in it – but that could be regarded as being decidedly cynical. When you talk to scientists about this, the answer paraded out is that it is exceedingly difficult to determine how to check these interactions and what they do. Also another comment made is that no one wants to provide funding for such investigations. After all the funders would not be able to obtain a patent and thereby gouge the people who need the cure. Mind you there are companies who are trying to patent the worlds food supply by claiming that they invented natural foods. Some of these patents have already been obtained from the US patents office. Makes you wonder about the mentality of both the companies making the application and the patent examiners who approve them – but that is another story.

So why have I mentioned this – well it is because we should be looking for Real Cures from Nature instead of looking for it from a test tube. A lot of things that our Gran told us, “eat your greens”, “have an apple”, “don’t gulp your food”, etc., etc., are now being found to have benefits to our health.

Now though the old knowledge from our elders has or is being lost, mainly because the family is being broken up with the help of the State and now it is accepted practice to send our elders off to die in an impersonal retirement home or hospice far from their family. Where this has not happened – the Asian countries in particular, the family ties are still strong, the elders still live with their family and the old knowledge is passed on from generation to generation.

The Western societies have dropped the ball – they have become dedicated followers of science – to the extent that if people in white coats can’t agree on something, then it doesn’t exist even if you can see, feel and taste it. When that happens then the Western Governments produce a law or rule or regulation that limits the use or investigation of that old knowledge. In the 1930’s a massive amount of knowledge about the human condition was unceremoniously discarded as unproven and dangerous, even though this knowledge had been available to people for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. It is interesting now to find that some of this previous common knowledge is being resurrected as new knowledge. I think this is happening because the scientists and the companies they work for are trying to obtain patents for this old knowledge. As with the worlds food supply, the world’s common knowledge on health is being systematically looted by the western world.

To be continued

Schools become brain washing centres in NZ
3 May, 2008, 8: 45
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A number of years ago I moved from the UK, where bureaucracy had gone mad, to NZ where we were 25 – 40 years behind in the control of the masses. Sorry to say NZ has now caught up and in some respects have outstripped Europe in its draconian socialisation of the country. I am only pleased that my children have grown up and are now able to make their own minds up about things. Today, I see the schools acting as brain washing centres for the Government.

The teaching system has been systematically destroyed by bureaucracy, and now teachers spend most of their time filling out forms, making assessments and generally acting as child minders instead of teaching the kids anything useful about the real world. According to the Government no child will fail to receive a good education and a certificate when they leave school. The problem arises when they get into the real wide world and find that those bits of paper and the “knowledge” they gained at school isn’t worth a bent razoo. Universities now require candidates take an entry exam, employers require an abilty exam before taking on school leavers. We have raised a generation (or two) of people whose qualifications are not recognised on the world stage and the Government wonders why people are leaving NZ in droves.

This year is election year, and already the promise of a tax cut has been made. At the last election the same thing happened and then when they won the proposed tax cut was rescinded. I don’t think people will be taken in this time – although I can’t be sure as the brainwashing on the 18 year olds may have stuck.

Bladder Cancer is Preventable
2 May, 2008, 17: 22
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In the last few months there has been a flurry of scientific papers published that regurgitates findings first published in 1994.

The initial findings in 1994 stated that Wasabia japonica killed Bladder Cancer cells. Now the latest papers say that Cruciferous vegetables, and in particular Broccoli does the same thing. This isn’t really surprising since they are all from the same family of plants.

One of the things that isn’t mentioned is that Wasabia japonica contains more than 40 times the amount of the active ingredient (isothiocyanates) than Broccoli and is therefore more of a candidate for dealing with Bladder Cancer than anything else. I suppose the problem arises from the fact that Broccoli can be grown very easily, whereas Wasabia japonica is somewhat more difficult to grow.

Also one part of the latest study indicated that feeding the rats (who were the subject of the experiment) a freeze-dried broccoli instead of raw broccoli was even more effective in dealing with the Bladder Cancer.

Now, putting the above information together, it would appear that using freeze dried Wasabia japonica powder as a preventative measure will benefit (i) those suffering from Bladder Cancer, (ii) those recently diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, and (iii) those who want to reduce the risk of getting Bladder Cancer.

This also agrees with other studies that show the consumption of Wasabia japonica increases the amount of isothiocyanates (ITC’s) excreted through the urine in humans.The latest studies are making the assumption that the presence of ITC in the urine indicates that there are also ITC’s in the bladder where it is retained for some time. It is this exposure of Bladder Cancer cells to these ITC’s that destroy them. It isn’t really an unreasonable assumption as the incidence of Bladder Cancer in Asian countries, where they consume a large amount of raw Cruciferous vegetables, is low compared to Western societies.

So since we as a society do not enjoy the taste of raw cabbages, or come to that matter, even the taste of cooked cabbages, how do the Western societies reduce the incidence of Bladder Cancer amongst its citizens?

The simple answer is to take the freeze-dried powder as a dietary supplement. The easiest way of doing this is in the form of capsules. By this method it is possible to consume an equivalent serving of 150gm of raw Cruciferous vegetable, by taking three 250mg capsules per day. Therefore, it is possible to get the benefits without needing to put up with the taste.

Capsules are available which contain the even more potent Wasabia japonica powder from http://www.bladdercancerfighter.com

Does your doctor tell you about this, or even know about it? Probably not. Most times, doctors are so overwhelmed with patients they don’t have time to keep up with the latest studies or findings.

If you suffer from Bladder Cancer or knows someone who does then let them know about these findings. Sooner or later some Big Pharma will synthesise the active ingredients and call it some fancy name so that they can charge the Bladder Cancer sufferer through the nose for a naturally occurring Cancer killer.

You don’t need to wait for the FDA to spend a decade to determine whether or not you can take this natural food as a drug. You can get it now from http://www.bladdercancerfighter.com and make sure that you or your loved one is able to survive the next decade at least.

Buy it now before the FDA and all its associated cronies decide for you that this food is dangerous to your health. Yeah right!

How to make a Gourmet Treat simply.
15 April, 2008, 9: 12
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The definitive Wasabi Mashed Potato recipe


Wasabi mashed potato is an easy recipe to make that will add a
different flavour to your meals. You need to understand how true
Wasabia japonica performs to get the best out of the dish.

Serving size

This recipe will provide sufficient Wasabi Mashed Potato for
approximately 6 side servings.

The recipe quantities can be increased or decreased to suit the
number you are cooking for.


3 pounds (1.4Kgs) Potatoes for boiling. The best potatoes to buy
are new Russet potatoes.

The potatoes should have a nice shape (makes it easier to peel
them), be smooth to the touch and undamaged (no bruises, cuts,
etc). New potatoes are preferred as they have thinner skin and are

Do not buy potatoes that have sprouted or have a green tint to the
skin. Store the potatoes in a cool, very dark place (not the
refrigerator) to avoid getting a green colouring to the skin. If
this occurs peel the green off – the rest of the potato will be OK.

1 teaspoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder
1 Tablespoon of butter
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/3 cup of warm milk
Chopped chives or parsley as garnish


1.    Peel the potatoes and cut into equal sized pieces.
2.    Put potatoes to a saucepan of cold water. Ensure that the water
is at least 2 inches (50mm) above the top of the potatoes. Add a
teaspoon of salt to the water.
3.    Bring the water to the boil. Cover saucepan, turn down the heat
and boil gently until the potatoes are fork tender – takes about 25
to 30 minutes. [Overcooking will make the potatoes disintegrate
into a mush and become quite sticky.]
4.    Remove from heat and drain. Cover the saucepan with a double
thickness of paper towels and replace the lid. [This absorbs the
steam and the potatoes will be dry and fluffy.]
5.    Leave for a few minutes for the potatoes to dry.
6.    While the potatoes are cooking make up the Namida® Wasabi paste.
This is done by mixing 1 Tablespoon of Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia
japonica powder with a small amount of COLD water. Mix to a stiff
paste and set aside. [See note.]
7.    Mash the potatoes quickly in the saucepan with an old fashioned
potato-masher or use a potato ricer, this will keep the potato mix
hot. We don’t recommend using an electric mixer as it is easy to
overmix and turn the mashed potatoes into a gluey mess.
8.    Add the warm butter to the potatoes and mix together.
9.    Add warm milk to the mix a bit at a time and throughly beat
together until the mixure is smooth and fluffy.
10.    Mix the Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica paste into the
mixture quickly so that the mixture becomes an even green colour.
11.    Serve immediately with chopped chives or parsley as a garnish.

The secret to wonderful mashed potato is not to let the potato
mixture cool down or get cold.

If the mixture does get too cold then warm it up over a very low
heat, but this needs to be done before you add the Namida® 100%
Pure Wasabia japonica paste. Heating the paste will drive off the
Wasabia japonica volatiles and reduce the flavour profile of the
mashed potato.

Note: The longer you leave the Namida® 100% Pure Wasabia japonica
paste the stronger the flavour will become. This is true up to
about 15mins, after that the flavour starts reducing. To retain the
flavour at the strength you want, wait until the flavour develops
to the right point, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and stir into the
paste, cover with food wrap and put into the refrigerator until
needed. After a couple of hours throw it away and start again.

© New Zealand Wasabi Limited 2007 – 2008

Special Offer

3 Jars 50gm Namida®100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder are available
at http://www.wasabi.co.nz/order-powder.htm for the Special price
of US$29.95 including freight. Go there now as the offer will not
last for long!

p.s. Feel free to pass this recipe onto your friends.

How to reduce risk of Bladder Cancer by 36%.
14 April, 2008, 14: 04
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Bladder Cancer Protection linked to ITC’s in vegetables

New research published on 1st April 2008[1] states than an increased intake of cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and wasabi) may reduce the risk of bladder cancer by 36%.

This reduction is linked to “the role of dietary isothiocyanates acting as chemopreventative agents against bladder cancer,” wrote lead author Li Tang from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

This research builds on a previous study[2] that also demonstrated this link.

Over the years there have been numerous studies that show high consumption of cruciferous vegetables result in less lung, colon, breast and ovarian cancers being reported or detected.

Even more interesting was an observation that current and heavy smokers obtained a 54% and 40% reduction respectively, when they consumed raw cruciferous vegetables regularly.

These studies explain the anecdotal evidence of Japan having the highest rate of smoking and the lowest rate of lung cancer in the world. The Japanese consume very large quantities of cruciferous vegetables including wasabi on a daily basis.

Wasabi (Wasabia japonica) has been found to have the highest concentration of Isothiocyanates (ITC’s) of any vegetable tested. It is 40 times more powerful than Broccoli (for example) and you therefore need to eat less of it to get the benefits.

A New Zealand company has been providing this high ITC level 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder to a limited number of Nutraceutical companies for years in the form of Freeze dried powder. This powder contains all the ITC’s in a natural form that are easily taken up by the body.

Freeze-drying and careful handling of the Wasabi rhizome ensures that nothing is lost in the processing. If heat is used in the processing then most of the ITC’s are driven off and all you keep is some of the flavour. That is why it is necessary to ensure that only Wasabi specifically grown and processed for Nutraceutical use should be taken.

For those of you who want to reduce their risk of getting Bladder Cancer we recommend that you purchase some Sawa® Bladder Cancer Fighter capsules. These capsules contain Freeze dried 100% Pure Wasabia japonica powder with no additives of any kind. Each batch is carefully analysed by independent companies to ensure that only the highest ITC level is used for these Sawa® Bladder Cancer Fighter capsules.

Using a concentrated form of ITC’s either as a preventive or to help clean up any new Bladder Cancer forming while undergoing medical treatment could help you.

These capsules can be found at http://www.bladdercancerfighter.com

Buy some now and reduce your risk of getting Bladder Cancer.

[1] Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention 1st April 2008, Volume 17, Pages 938-944, doi:10.1158/1055-9965 EPI-07-2502 “Consumption of Raw Cruciferous Vegetables is Inversely Associated with Bladder Cancer Risk”.

[2] International Journal of Cancer Vol. 120, pp 2208-2213.

Wasabi not just for Japanese food
14 April, 2008, 9: 09
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Over the years we have used wasabi to cook with. This is certainly
not the normal use for wasabi, but it certainly changes the taste
of your food!

The amazing thing about using wasabi in cooking is that you
actually are unable to taste the wasabi. It acts like MSG, but
without the MSG. It brings out the flavour of the food being cooked
without overwhelming it.

The most common use is to produce a sauce that we apply to roast
meats before they are placed in the oven. It produces a wonderful
thick and tasty gravy when used in the manner.

The recipe is dead easy:

2 teaspoons Namida® Wasabi powder mixed to a paste.
1 Heaped tablespoon brown sugar
2 cups tomato sauce or ketchup
1 Tablespoon Soy sauce.

Mix the whole lot together and smear it liberally over your roast.
Add 10mm water to the bottom of the roasting pan. Cover in tin foil
and cook in the oven until the meat is cooked the way you like it.

Jenny then removes the meat and adds some vegetable water to the
meat gravy and then some corn flour to thicken it. Serve as a gravy
with the meat and veges.

Once you have done this once, you won’t go back to your old way of
making gravy.


Namida® wasabi powder at can be purchased by going to http://www.wasabi.co.nz/order-powder.htm. Buy now while stocks last.

Feel free to pass this email onto your friends.